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"High quality, low price" is an often used phrase, but at PlantPills you will find this to be genuinely true; we only source the highest quality produce that we can find, and do everything we can to keep prices as low as possible.

We have an unwavering passion for making the very best supplemental food available to everyone. For example, we could source poor quality, pasteurised, irradiated "organic" spirulina from China (with frankly unknown quantities of contaminants or heavy metals) for a third of the price that we pay for our incredibly pure, high quality spirulina from India.

Unfortunately, just because something is labelled as "organic", doesn't mean it's not loaded with heavy metals, or even contaminated.

The companies that sell this Chinese "organic" spirulina in the UK sell it for around the same price that we sell our high quality spirulina for.

This demonstrates not only our commitment to dealing with only the very best sources of produce available, but also our enthusiasm to provide extremely good value for money by working off of thin and fair margins.

It also highlights the corporate greed of some companies, and more worryingly, the willingness of them to supply cheap produce of unknown quality and safety.

It is generally agreed that the ideal human diet for health and longevity should contain high quality produce from a wide variety of sources.

As well as clean and pure water, dietary staples should consist of fresh, locally sourced whole foods that are grown, harvested and prepared in the most natural and simple way possible.

Produce grown in un-natural ways, using genetically modified ingredients, containing refined sugar, high amounts of fat, or subject to pasteurisation, irradiation, or other heavy processing and heat treatments are normally not conducive to long term good health, and should generally be restricted or avoided.

There are incredibly nutritious foods that due to climatic or environmental reasons, simply can not be grown, harvested and packaged locally. Some of this produce is so beneficial to our health that everyone should have access to it, and be able to supplement their diet with it.

At PlantPills, we have an inherent understanding and commitment to preserving the nutritional value of the produce, and willingness to ensure that our customers are able to continue to benefit from it for years. This is why all our produce is only available in tablet or pill form.

There are many advantages of pill form over powder form. Powder is particularly difficult to consume; people normally need to add it to shakes or blended drinks. This can expose the produce to oxygen, which can decrease the nutritional value.

The other disadvantage of powder form is that the user has to taste the produce every time that they consume it. For produce that doesn’t taste particularly nice, this can become a chore, and the user can discontinue use after a while as a result, especially if some goes “down the wrong way”, or if the mixture is too strong.

Our tablets are 100% pure produce, and contain no binders, fillers, caking agents, or any other additives at all, and are simply just the powder pressed into tablets.

Our tablets can easily and conveniently be swallowed with water. This enables our customers to be able to benefit from the full nutritional value of the produce, and continue long term use without the taste or method of consumption causing a problem.

Like any food, powdered and tableted produce is sensitive to oxygen. Significant nutrition is lost if the produce is not stored in an oxygen free environment both before it gets to you, and in-between uses after it has arrived.

This is so obvious and simple to understand, yet many suppliers do not take care to keep the produce in an oxygen free environment before it arrives with you, and none of them ensure that the oxygen is once again removed between uses.

We are the only producer to care about this, and have developed our PillFresh™ range of packaging to solve the issue and preserve the nutrition in all our produce, especially after you have opened it.

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